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Frank Bruni 'Left Satisfied' by Buckhead's Pricci

Photo: Atlanta Restaurants

NYT Op-Ed columnist Frank Bruni wondered what it would be like to eat only Italian food for five days straight, so, of course, he decided to try it out. Easy enough in New York City, where Italian food is as abundant as bagels and other New Yorky things, but then came a plot twist: In the middle of his experiment, he had to make a trip to Atlanta. "Atlanta does not have Italian roots as deep, or an Italian-American population as robust, as New York has," Bruni writes. He also had to find a restaurant within a mile from the Buckhead rail station at which he was meeting his father, which ruled out places like Sotto Sotto or Antico. Bruni "was determined not to go to the Olive Garden," which speaks volumes for how he thinks about our city, and instead decided on Pricci:

I soon found what I was looking for: a place called Pricci, where I was served a lovely arugula salad and Dad got his beloved penne. There were some calamari and a shared pizza in the mix, as well. I'm convinced that no other ethnic cuisine within that one-mile range, not Spanish or Mexican or even Chinese, could have left us as satisfied. I hadn't fully appreciated that before.
Spoiler alert: He survived the week. And hopefully now thinks more highly of Atlanta.
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500 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305