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Bantam & Biddy Takes Over Weekly Slider Night; The Shed Swaps It for Wednesday Fried Chicken

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Bantam + Biddy.
Bantam + Biddy.
Photo: Alex Lassiter

Big mini-burger changes hitting Atlanta next month: The Shed is dropping its $3 slider Wednesdays for a weekly fried chicken night, which will start on April 24 and will allow customers to order two pieces of chicken and two vegetable sides for about $15. This may be sad news for people who like cheap sliders in Glenwood, but for everyone else, it's not the end of the world, because 1) the Shed will still offer sliders on its regular dinner menu ($4.50 a pop), and 2) Lance Gummere, who brought the dish to the restaurant but is now over at Bantam + Biddy, has just announced that he'll be selling the $3 dish in his Ansley Mall digs every Monday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. beginning April 1.

So don't fret— slider night will still exist (and for half a month it'll happen twice a week, once on Monday at Bantam + Biddy and once on Wednesday at the Shed) and is back in the hands of its original creator, Gummere, who will just be cooking out of a Midtown kitchen instead of in East Atlanta. Plus, the city is getting just what it needs, yet another weekly fried chicken dinner. Have Thoughts? Opinions? Sweeping declarations of slider-induced emotion? Leave a comment or email the tipline.
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