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The Early Word on 'Deli With Chutzpah' The General Muir

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The General Muir.
The General Muir.
Photo: Alex Lassiter

Modern Jewish deli The General Muir began dishing out signature everything bagels and lox over a month ago, introducing Emory Point to a world of pastrami sandwiches, smoked hash, and fancier offerings like skillet crisped trout. Owners Ben and Jennifer Johnson (also of West Egg) have gotten a few mixed reviews— people are serious about their delicatessens— but on the whole, diners appear to enjoy the team's New York-style delicacies and creative takes (hello, poutine with pastrami?!) on the classics. Here's the early word on The General Muir:

The Good News: My Little Foodies digs this place: "Quite frankly this was the highlight of the day as we discussed recipes for kreplach soup and the merits of sweet vs. savory matzo brei. Let's just hope they keep the pickle jars stocked and the pastrami plentiful, because whether My Little Foodies like it or not we will become regulars! It's in our blood." [MLF]

The Great News: An Urbanspoon user believes in the restaurant's food: "This is a place for quality over quantity. They seem to put a lot of effort into coming up with a gastronomic twist on a traditional favorite, not giving you a pile of average/cheap food. I think they do a great job of it, but it's important to have the right expectations. [UrbanSpoon]

The Bland News: Eat It Atlanta thinks the potatoes need more pizzazz: "Schmaltz potatoes – I don't know what I was expecting, but they were regular breakfast potatoes. Not bad per se, but no schmaltz flavor. It's like when places have 'duck fat fries' and there is no duck fat flavor but they cost $3 more." [EIA]

The Pastrami News: The Food Abides reviews the meaty sandwich: "I think it's safe to say it's the best pastrami sandwich in Atlanta. [...] The pastrami comes stacked high with some mustard on rye, as it should. Overall it's a delicious sandwich [...]The pastrami was peppery and had the unctuous fatty flavor/bits that we all love, but could have been a bit more flavorful and certainly more tender." [The Food Abides]

The Décor News: A Yelper describes the decor: "The interior designer has done a phenomenal job of capturing a traditional NYC deli. Yeah, it's a strip shopping center on Clifton Road, but there are many elements that evoke the Lower East Side and create a welcoming environment. The decor is quite similar to Schiller's Liquor Bar in the LES: subway tile, marbled mirrors, black wainscoting and chicken wire lanterns. There are some great details such as weathered knives for tap handles at the bar. The round two-seater tables are too small and require a lot of work to accommodate two entrees and two coffees." [Yelp]

The Burger News: Todd Ginsberg brought his infamous Bocado double stack over to the restaurant, and Jason Dominy has an opinion: He tells Eater that "The burger has its own personality, with a tangy Russian dressing, different pickles that work well with the sauce, and an onion roll, but that the meat is still cooked the only way Todd knows how— perfectly."

The Baked News: A Facebook user samples some carb-filled treats: "Putting my mouth where my money went: Sunday bagels and appetizing from The General Muir, plus hamantaschen for Purim. Perfect everything bagels, house-cured lox so good it will make you weep, and a schmear. Nothing better. A gorgeous space to boot." [Facebook]

The Meat News: Creative Loafing offers suggestions: "I'll leave it to others to pass official Judgment on the corned beef, one of those dishes that inevitably produces controversy. Honestly, it was a bit fatty for my taste, and I agreed with my friends that the sandwich's kraut was not quite acidic enough to cut the fattiness." [CL]

The Soup News: Blogger Running With Tweezers tweets: "The matzoh ball soup at @thegeneralmuir is near perfection. I'm addicted and need a weekly fix." [Twitter]

The Poutine News: MW Eats rates the cheesy fries: "After a great brunch last time at The General Muir and the want for a night out with Christine, thought it'd be a great choice to come back for dinner. I had seen their menu online and really wanted to try their poutine to match it against those found in the Canadian province of Quebec City. I gotta say, it was definitely one of the better versions I've had outside of Quebec City. Personally, I found it a bit heavy handed on the salt but overall, it was the food coma inducing poutine I love, with pastrami!" [MW Eats]

The Survival News: An Eater commenter hopes the restaurant sticks around ""I was there yesterday for take-out bagels and appetizing. Todd came out, plied me with unbelievably great house-cured lox, worked the room. The place is stunning. I will absolutely be going back for meals. If there is a G-d, this place should not only survive, but thrive. Atlanta needs a viable alternative to Goldberg's and Bagel Palace for bagels, and needs a deli that cares about true culinary excellence. This is that place." [Eater Comments]
— Ashley Mason

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The General Muir

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