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Details on H&F Burger, Opening Today in Turner Field

Linton Hopkins at Turner Field.
Linton Hopkins at Turner Field.
Photo: Chopra/Eater

The Holeman & Finch burger can be found inside of Turner Field starting today, opening day of the 2013 Atlanta Braves season. It'll be sold in three locations within the stadium: behind home plate in section 102 and on either side of Fan Plaza, one in left field and one in right field. Each H&F Burger will sell only the burger— for $12, just like in the restaurant— as well as hand-cut fries and Coca-Cola classic. Holeman & Finch owner Linton Hopkins says, "[The Braves are] America's team and this is America's burger, and they should be together."

Hopkins and the Braves concessions team are expecting the the stands to have long lines and to sell out during busy games, but if you're headed to the Ted more for the burger than for the game, there's still hope. At every game, there will be 24 branded outfield seats ($32 each) that come with a Burger Fast Pass, or a guaranteed burger "reservation." What that means is that you can skip the long line and get a burger (included in the ticket price), as long as you swing by one of the outfield stands with your pass before the bottom of the fourth inning. Hopkins hinted last week at having a few more things up his sleeve: "The ideas are already starting to happen over the course of this season and next season around the magic of the cheeseburger and baseball and being an American kid— it's about memories."

Turner Field is actively working toward bringing in more local concepts and using locally-sourced produce. H&F Bread Co., Holeman & Finch's bakery, will deliver fresh buns every game day, and the double stack cheeseburger comes with ketchup, mustard, and pickles made in-house. Says Hopkins, "You should have the best food regardless of the size of the venue. That's what's transforming ballparks all across the country and that's what's happening here." Kevin Rathbun's steak sandwiches and Dantanna's are also available in the stadium.

Back in Buckhead, Holeman & Finch sells only 24 double stacks each night, starting at 10 p.m. Burger-seekers usually have to get to the eatery a couple hours in advance to ensure that they get one (unless they show up for Sunday brunch, when it's on the regular menu). Turner Field is the first place the burger will be available for purchase outside of the restaurant.
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