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Burger Recs

Eat It, Atlanta's Jimmy Sobeck on his favorite burgers: "I'm a fan of many types of burgers— thick, smashed, grilled, cheesy, greasy...I've even been messing around with sous vide burgers at home the last few days. Lately, I've been drawn to bigger, simple burgers with unadulterated beef flavor. For my money, Muss & Turner's may have the best version of that in town. It's a big portion of grass-fed beef cooked on a Big Green Egg, with cheese, roasted poblano, and aioli, though they don't overdo the toppings. They serve it on a light and squishy bun, which holds up well as the beef is very lean. As such, I don't recommend ordering it over medium or it may be dry. I order it medium-rare - Muss & Turner's is one of the few places I've found which will deliver a true mid-rare." [EIA]

Muss & Turner's

1675 Cumberland Parkway Southeast, , GA 30080 (770) 434-1114 Visit Website