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Burger Recs

Foodie Buddha on his favorite Atlanta burgers: "We all know about H&F and Bocado, but beyond Atlanta's burger royalty, I've been quite pleased with a number of other options around town. I can't help but like Ann's Snack Bar. Sure, that's a touristy spot and the word grassfed is nowhere to be found, but who cares? It's a burger, not a gluten-free salad. I also don't mind grabbing a burger at Houston's. It's not a life-changer or by any means the best burger in town, but they are incredibly consistent, the product is high quality, and if you order medium rare, that's what you'll get. Call it the best national chain burger in Atlanta. As for off-the-beaten-path burgers, hat tip to Todd Brock over at Serious Eats for introducing me to Village Burger in Dunwoody. It's everything I want in my burger eating experience." [FB]