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Ted Lahey of Table & Main Talks 'Gas Station Fries'

Now, executive chef Ted Lahey on the "gas station fries" he serves at Table & Main.

Table & Main Chef Ted Lahey and Owner Ryan Pernice. Photo by Brittany Wages.

My history in the restaurant business began as a second job while chasing the dream of becoming a rock star. I spent many years on the road, mostly on what was known as "the Chitlin Circuit" in the deep South. Traveling the back roads of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, I became a fan of the small gas station restaurants that serve some variation of fries and chicken. When planning for Table & Main, I wanted the fries for our burger to be just like the ones I got while on the road. Hence our "gas station fries"— huge wedges of baked potato that have been cooled, cut, buttermilk-breaded and fried to order.
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Table & Main

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