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Sprig Co-Owner Anthony Tiberia Talks New Liburn Concept 1910 Public House

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eater0513_spriganthony.jpegThe team behind Sprig Restaurant in Decatur has a second eatery on the way. It's to be called 1910 Public House and is set to open mid-June in Lilburn. Below, co-owner Anthony Tiberia talks about both concepts.

Why Lilburn?
There is a revitalization going on in Lilburn. It feels very local and neighborhood-minded with people who want to work together to make the area grow. It feels much like where we are now in Oak Grove. We want to be a part of the public garden, the schools, local festivals, and local produce. We love being a part of spirit nights, sponsoring teams, and helping fundraisers within the community. We really enjoy the relationships we have with local farms and gardens.

How are you doing this now?
We are firmly committed to the locavore movement. We will always be as locally driven as possible with our ingredients, whether it is from the neighborhood or just the region. We love getting veggies from the Montessori school garden just up the road. Our taps hold Sweetwater and Monday Night Brewing beers. We love answering the knock on the back door when it is a local farm with seasonal goodies. We strive to be a part of the neighborhood. Right now we are looking forward to the Oak Groove Festival that will cover this plaza on Sunday, May 19. Funds from this project will rejuvenate the green space next to our restaurant.

Will 1910 Public House have the same sort of fare as Sprig?
It will definitely have the same concept— chef-driven seasonal menus sourced from local ingredients whenever possible. We want to cook great food using high quality ingredients in a comfortable space. It is that simple. We are also finishing a fantastic wine and cocktail menu. Perhaps we will hold wine tastings and cocktail classes like we do now at Sprig. In addition to a commitment to ingredients, we want people who have dietary needs to have a great dining experience. We hold Paleo evenings with an all-Paleo menu and we have many gluten-free options for menu items. Our staff is trained and the kitchen is certified in procedures not to cross-contaminate gluten-free offerings. We take it very seriously here.

What will be different?
This space will eventually have an attached market where people can pick up boxed lunches and picnic dinners. We will have available our pimento cheese, bitters, bottled sodas, smoked salts, pickles, chicken salad, and other house-made items that supplement and enhance the restaurant.

You just hired a new chef. How is that working out?
We did! James Liles is a great complement to our executive chef, Robert Elliott [formerly of Watershed. He is classically trained and has worked throughout the Gulf Coast region. He has a neat background in hunting, foraging, and nose-to-tail cooking. He is very talented, especially with soups and salads. Our customers really love [both chefs]. The menus will be a joint venture between James and Robert.

What is the space like?
The restaurant will be in one of four buildings built together in 1891. It has exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and wooden ceilings. There are lots of stories surrounding it— seems it is steeped in history. My wife and business partner, Jennifer, and our designer are fine tuning the details. It will be a mix of vintage and modern, quaint with contemporary flair. Since we met in the restaurant business 17-18 years ago, we have meshed well. I am more the idea/numbers man and she makes it come to life.

Speaking of ideas, what is next?
We may be searching for the third space.

Angela Hansberger
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