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Inman Park Victory Sandwich Bar to Replace Park's Edge

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Word on the street is that the Inman Park Victory Sandwich Bar has signed a lease on the Park's Edge space on nearby Bernina Avenue NE, just .2 miles away from their current location on the other side of North Highland. Apparently Victory's management team made this known at a neighborhood meeting late last week. Neither restaurant acknowledged the switcheroo when asked over the weekend, but insiders say that Victory will make the move in September.

The Inman Park Victory has to leave its Elizabeth Street home by the beginning of July (along with establishments like Dad's Garage) to make way for the forthcoming 280 Elizabeth Street development. The recently opened Decatur spot, in the same space as Paper Plane, will remain open unaffected. Not really related but possibly of interest: Park's Edge was featured in an episode of shouty chef Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares in early 2012. Got more intel? Do leave a comment or send a note through the tipline.

Update: Park's Edge does have plans to relocate.
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Victory Sandwich Bar

340 Church Street, , GA 30030 (404) 377-9300 Visit Website

Park's Edge

913 Bernina Avenue. Atlanta, GA 30307