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Reviews for the General Muir, Bacchanalia, and More

The General Muir.
The General Muir.
Photo: Alex Lassiter

Bill Addison reviews the General Muir for Atlanta Magazine this month. "Breakfast and brunch most eloquently convey the restaurant's raison d'être," he states, while "Dinner showcases Ginsberg's most subtle compositions." He ends by saying, "The General Muir is instantly a place I want to bring pals," and gives the restaurant three stars, an "excellent" review.

For the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Kessler takes on three of the city's fine dining restaurants. He awards Bacchanalia, the "queen mama of Atlanta fine dining," five stars. Linton Hopkins's Restaurant Eugene gets four stars, and Woodfire Grill and new chef/Chef of the Year Tyler Williams get a lovely write-up but are not yet rated.

Christiane Lauterbach looks at Nick's Food to Go, also for Atlanta Magazine. She recommends the spanakopita, which "may be the best in the city," and the pastitsio, made every Thursday by Nick's wife, Eleni. "Often called 'Greek lasagna,' the dish combines macaroni with ground beef and a thick, classic béchamel. A pinch of cinnamon adds elusive sweetness, and the whole bakes into a puffy, custardy masterpiece worth a drive across the city."
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Woodfire Grill

1782 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, GA 30324 Visit Website

Restaurant Eugene

2277 Peachtree Road Northwest, , GA 30309 (404) 355-0321 Visit Website

The General Muir

1540 Avenue Place, , GA 30329 (678) 927-9131 Visit Website


1460 Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard Northwest, , GA 30318 (404) 365-0410 Visit Website