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Look Around Gunshow, Opening Today

Gunshow. [Photos: Sarah Dodge for Eater Atlanta]

Kevin Gillespie's highly anticipated restaurant, Gunshow, opens tonight in Glenwood Park. It was designed by ai3 (they talk a bit about it here) and features a constantly changing menu of locally sourced food, wine, and beer. There will be no cocktails and no gimmicks— Gillespie's hope is that the restaurant's small interior and open kitchen will make guests feel like they are dining in someone's home, and that means no unnecessarily over-long meals or "pauses" in service, either. "I want to give people an experience that still leaves time for the rest of their life," he says.

Read more about the limitless menu, the dining experience, the lack of drink-ordering pressure, and more in Eater's interview with the chef, or get the details on why Gillespie chose the name and location. Gunshow is open for dinner only; reservations can be made by calling (404) 380-1886.
Do send opinions and early reviews of the restaurant through the tipline or leave 'em in the comments.
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924 Garrett Street, , GA 30316 (404) 380-1886 Visit Website