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Eight Juicy Krog Street Market Restaurant Rumors

Krog Street Market.
Krog Street Market.
Photo: SRS Real Estate Partners

Krog Street Market is set to open soon, and rumors are spreading about what's coming in to the Inman Park project. Here, now, our favorite rumors, be they from the mouths of chefs themselves or very exciting but also very unconfirmed. Let's get right to it, but first, readers, tipsters, restaurant folks, please do send your own intel through the tipline. As always, anonymity is 100% guaranteed.

· Word is that the Spotted Trotter has a restaurant coming into the Krog Street development. More word comes that the Kirkwood charcuterie also has plans to open a market selling charcuterie and more in the space.
7/18 Update: Butchery, charcuterie, and cheese shop is confirmed. Got word on the restaurant? Let us know.

· Apparently, chef Asha Gomez of Cardamom Hill is in talks to open an Indian/Southern fusion restaurant in Krog Street Market. Tipsters hypothesize that her chef de cuisine, Omar Powell, will be involved as well.
6/28 Update: Omar Powell is no longer with Cardamom Hill, so what will happen to this Krog Street space remains to be seen.
9/24 Update: Asha Gomez is opening in Old Fourth Ward's Studioplex.

· Pannus Bakery, which has its wholesale first location in Lawerenceville, wants to open an international bakery in Krog Street Market. They plan to offer Hispanic baked goods and products from countries like Mexico, Argentina, and El Salvador, as well as items from Europe and beyond and hope to open by November.
7/18 Update: Confirmed.

· Inman Park Ford Fry enthusiasts may have an Austin, Texas-style Mexican joint to look forward to. It's rumored to have a large patio and maybe even a stage for live music.
7/18 Update: Confirmed, obviously. Fry's been tweeting about it, too. Another update: It'll be called Superica.

· We've heard that popular breakfast spot Home Grown is looking at the Inman Park market as well. If all goes as the rumors say, there will soon be two places where you can get their basically iconic comfy chicken biscuit. 7/15 Update: Home Grown is still considering the market, but as of now has NOT signed a lease.

· Inside sources let us know that a low-key burger and shake joint is also on tap for the market and that it may or may not be spearheaded by the team behind one of the city's most well-known food trucks.

· Jury is still out on whether or not the lease is officially signed, but Guy Wong is moving forward as if he's got the green light for his ramen and yakitori bar, TON TON. According to Facebook, he plans to open in early 2014.
7/18 Update: Not confirmed by KSM's PR as of 7/18. But Guy Wong says it's still happening. August update: Guy Wong has NOT signed a lease for KSM.

· And, finally, it's been oft-rumored that Buford Highway favorite, Gu's Bistro, intends to open a second location in Krog Street Market as well.
9/13 Update: Confirmed, in the form of Gu's Dumplings.

· 7/18 Added: A new rumor has come to light: Souper Jenny is considering moving into the space. Whether or not she actually takes it remains to be seen. Update: She's opening a juice bar in Buckhead.

What have you heard? Visit the tipline and let us know.
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