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Paula Deen Suspended by Pharma Company Novo Nordisk, Dropped by Home Depot

Photoshop: Raphael Brion/Eater

When we left you last night, Paula Deen had just been dropped from Walmart. This morning, more news comes: Home Depot followed suit, saying, "the company will stop carrying Paula Deen-branded items under their kitchen and cookware category as a result of the scandal." But wait, there's more: For the time being, Deen's also lost her pharmaceutical deal— she's "suspended"— with Novo Nordisk, makers of a diabetes drug, Victoza, for which Deen was spokesperson. Eater National has the full statement from the pharma company.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's John Kessler says that this goes beyond the fallout after Deen's leaked testimony scandal. He says, "Paula Deen imploded for reasons far beyond her troublesome deposition transcript. It's because her message is no longer relevant, and the market stepped in. For 11 years the market wanted her, and now it doesn't."

And just in case you're curious, here's a bit more on the scandal: Gabe Delahaye's "must-read" piece on Videogum, New York Post critic Steve Cuozzo's thoughts on Paula Deen and Food Network, a tweet from Paula Deen's son Jamie, an updated list of which of Paula Deen's endorsements are in and which are out, and round ups of other links here and here.
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