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Heirloom Market BBQ to Stop Dine-In Service, Offer To-Go and Catering Options Only

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Heirloom Market BBQ.
Heirloom Market BBQ.
Photo: BBQ Geek

Starting Tuesday, July 2, Heirloom Market BBQ is making a big change: They will no longer offer dine-in service and will instead only provide to-go meals and catered options, due to a mandate about parking from Cobb County's Department of Transportation. Here's the full release.

We have some bad news happening at Heirloom Market BBq: Starting Tuesday we will no longer have inhouse dining. We will become to-go and catering only. Cobb County and the DOT have decided that in the near future no on can park in any form of unpaved surface around the area. That includes our employees that park on our private property. So be careful in the future if you park on the side. They are threatening to enforce with tickets. We are also no longer aloud to have people stand and eat on the patio....thus limiting our seating and forcing us to move in this direction. All the parking spots in the front row facing the building will now be 10-15 minute parking including those in front of next door. I guess all the tax dollars we generate are not good enough and they are forcing this small business into a corner. Come tonight and tomorrow as it will be the last chance to stand or sit and eat at Heirloom.

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Heirloom Market BBQ

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