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Paula Deen-Brand Butter Is Real and On Sale at Wal-Mart

Paula Deen-brand butter is a real thing, y'all. Her line of "finishing" butters can be found at Wal-Mart stores in the Atlanta area and beyond should you be so inclined to "bring a wonderful fresh butter taste to various dishes while just adding butter to the end of the cooking process." This is interesting 1) because the Butter Queen now actually has a line of butter, and 2) because diabetes-haver, pharma shill, and recipe-stealing Deen has been on-air recently talking about finishing butter in general but never mentioning that she has her own line. Also, isn't she trying to be healthy? Eater National has the details on the food line, the butter flavors, and much more.
· Paula Deen Brand Exists, Now on Sale at Walmart [-EN-]