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Moe's Southwest Grill Withdraws Free Burrito Promotion Due to 'Technical Skills'

Earlier this week, Moe's Southwest Grill ran a promotion to celebrate the opening of their 500th burrito joint: Download their app, buy a large drink, get a free burrito. Easy enough, until their servers started crashing: "Our fans rule. Our technical skills, not so much. We've underestimated how awesome our fans are, and unfortunately, that's caused a logjam in the ordering process."

So the Atlanta-based company had to cut the whole deal: "Since we're creating more stress than convenience, we've decided to pull the plug on our app and online ordering until we straighten everything out." But don't worry, they'll get back to you: "We're already thinking of a cooler way to reward you." They've been using Twitter to apologize to angry/disappointed customers (see a round up of "cry baby" tweets here) and even came up with a 42-character hashtag: #FreeBurritosAreMorePowerfulThanTheInternet.
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[Photo: Moe's]