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First Look at Gunshow; Three Stars for KR SteakBar

KR SteakBar
KR SteakBar
Photo: Alex Lassiter

For Creative Loafing, Cliff Bostock takes a first look at Kevin Gillespie's new Glenwood Park restaurant, Gunshow. He gives a couple necessary warnings, like, "At first glance, the menu looks very expensive. But, believe me, two people will fill up quickly on four or five plates, so don't grab every one that's offered at the table. If you want a thorough tasting, a group is probably the best idea," and "Realize it can take an hour for some dishes to show up, so don't expect immediate delivery of something that particularly interests you," but overall, he was "generally fascinated by the pacing of cooking and service." Bostock says about the pork skin risotto, "It's one of those rare dishes that combines flavors in a completely novel way," and about the restaurant as a whole, "This is an example of dining as theater and it's some of the best light-hearted drama I've seen in a long time."

Behind the paywall at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a review of KR SteakBar. Jenny Turknett awards the restaurant a high three out of five stars. She uses phrases like "blissful union," "cream-kissed," "gentle vegetal sweetness," and "pleasantly unctuous texture" to describe various dishes, and does not say a single bad thing about the restaurant, aside from mentioning that it can get a bit loud: "The din from the bar carries over to the dining room." Also: "The steak will steal your belly, the pasta your heart, but it's the "other" that will steal your soul. How do I love thee? Let me count the dishes."
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KR SteakBar

349 Peachtree Hills Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 30305


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