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Eater Atlanta Greasy Spoons Week Starts RIGHT NOW

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Starting right now and ending, oh, around 5 p.m. Friday, Eater will be your headquarters for all things greasy spoon. That's right, y'all, it's Eater Atlanta Greasy Spoons Week. We're going to cover iconic greasy spoons and restaurants open 24 hours a day, upscale diners and crazy diner stories, non-diner greasy spoons and local chef faves. Also, a look at the place that brings you all things scattered, smothered, and covered: Waffle House.

Let's get things started right away. Leave a comment below letting us know any or all of the following three things: 1) your favorite area greasy spoons (and what you order), 2) your favorite club sandwich in town, and 3) your craziest late-night greasy spoon story. We're happy to keep those anonymous, as always. You can also chime in on Facebook or Twitter (tag content #atlgreasyspoons) or drop us a line at with your thoughts. Be sure to check the site often for your daily dose of grease, and do stay tuned for some pretty great Greasy Spoons Week restaurant specials.
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