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Waffle House by the Numbers

It's Greasy Spoons Week, so here's a look at Waffle House by the numbers. Hungry? There are 250 area locations of the restaurant, and three local restaurants are offering their own diner-inspired specials. Do tweet us pictures using #atlgreasyspoonsweek.

Waffle House. [Photo: Angela Hansberger]

Did you know the average Atlanta Waffle House serves 146 waffles per day? That's 36,500 waffles a day for all 250 Atlanta stores. And if you've ever have a late-night hankering for scattered, smothered, and covered, you're not alone— each Waffle House dishes up an average of 165 plates of them a day, totaling 41,250 servings. If they carry the ingredient, Waffle House will put it on your hash browns. More vital information below in this, a breakdown of WAFFLE HOUSE BY THE NUMBERS.
Angela Hansberger

Waffle House, average servings per Atlanta store:
Bacon: 108
T-bone steaks: 3
Hamburgers: 24
Grits: 10
Cokes: 33
Cups of coffee: 102
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