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Majestic Diner, 8 p.m. on Saturday

Here, a Greasy Spoons Week Eater Scenes feature highlighting an hour at Majestic Diner. If you've been and you've got a good story, do email and spill the details. Your anonymity, as always, is guaranteed.

Majestic Diner. [All Photos: Sarah Dodge]

Let's take a look at Majestic Diner, Poncey-Highlands answer to the neighborhood greasy spoon. At around 8 p.m., only a few tables were occupied; one two-top hosted two ladies talking about a certain social networking site, its privacy issues, and how they will negatively impact the future. There were also a few solo diners. By 8:45, a few couples came in on what looked like first dates. And then entered a family; the mother did not want her picture taken. It later transpired that she comes in every day and can be "very crotchety." It's worth noting that there was just one waiter working (effortlessly) at this time, and one cook doing the same.

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Majestic Diner. [All Photos: Sarah Dodge]