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Atlanta Chefs on Their Favorite Club Sandwiches


Club Sandwich Power Hour is happening RIGHT NOW as part of Eater Atlanta's Greasy Spoons Week. Below, check some Atlanta chefs on their favorite club sandwiches in the city.

What's your favorite club sandwich in town?
· Drew Belline, No. 246: Sun In My Belly! It's the best.
· Nick Anderson, Rathbun's: The one we made when I was at Canoe.
· Greg Best, Holeman & Finch: Probably Houston's
· Chris Hall, Local Three: To be sandwiched between two beautiful ladies at the Cheetah? Anyone who knows me realizes there's zero chance of that ever happening........
· Kirk Park, Rathbun's: Marietta Diner has the best club.

· Alex Brounstein, Grindhouse/Villains: Haven't had many club sandwiches at ATL restaurants. Can't even think of one. That's a shame. Actually, a friend took me to Ansley Golf Club and they had a good one there, which I guess is appropriate given the name...
· Cameron Thompson and George Francos, Farm Burger: Goldberg's
· Todd Ginsberg, the General Muir: Didn't have one, so I put one on my menu at The General Muir!
· Ian Forrest, Flip Burger: Dave's Club Sub at Dave's Cosmic Sub
· Lucero Martinez-Obregon, Zocalo: OK Cafe turkey club with all the ingredients of a club sandwich but in addition, avocado and alfalfa sprouts

· Jonathan Fox, Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q: Urban Cannibals does a really nice version of a club. The newly revamped Candler Park Market in our hood has been putting out some really killer food lately and have a Great Club with pimento cheese! Pimento cheese makes everything better!
· Robert Phalen, One Eared Stag: Houston's
· Rick Watson, Big Tex Decatur: The mile high club at Victory Sandwich Bar in Decatur, that and a Jack n Coke slushie is a combo that is hard to beat!

What's your favorite? Leave a comment below or send your thoughts through the tipline.
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