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Tales of the Majestic: Two Stories from Atlanta's Favorite After-Hours Refuge

Majestic Diner.
Majestic Diner.
Photo: Sarah Dodge

Ah, the Majestic. Is there a more welcoming sight for the stumbling masses than the neon glow of Poncey-Highlands's quintessential diner? A beacon of sobriety— as it's been called in sentimental moments— it tops the charts of Atlanta's late-night greasy spoons. While the unenlightened rookie may come here with the hope of ordering a nice brunch or tasty cup of coffee, seasoned pros know that Majestic Diner is best avoided before nightfall or without the assistance of copious amounts of booze sloshing around in one's system. This handy advice not only ensures an enjoyable experience; it sets up the ideal circumstances for an unforgettable evening. Below are two of the more memorable ways a visit to the Majestic can unfold. These stories are retold with permission and, naturally, kept anonymous. If you've got one of your own, do send it through the tipline.
Maria Khodorkovsky

The Trivial Pursuit Story
Patrons wishing to get some knowledge with their hash browns can make use of the diner's stacks of Trivial Pursuit cards. One night, five friends sat quizzing each other at a table. They had been listening to a band play the Highland Ballroom earlier that night, and it was edging toward 3 in the morning when a member of their group drew a card with a phone number scrawled in one corner. Egged on by her buddies, she called. Over speakerphone, the friends heard a male voice respond and, after a few minutes of conversation, the stranger eagerly accepted their offer to join them at the diner. The story didn't end there, because the man who left his number and the woman who drew the auspicious card struck up a friendship. They were married two years ago and consider that night to be their first date.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Story
For 13 years, the Plaza Theater has been screening Rocky Horror every Friday at midnight. When the film lets out, the Majestic is flooded with colorful characters. On the night in question, one customer was just a bit more colorful than the rest due to a severe allergic reaction prompted by the letter V that first-time show-goers have drawn on their foreheads. Apparently, that night's unfortunate "virgin" did not respond well to the lipstick scarlet letter and had to be escorted from the diner by paramedics after her florid face and shallow breathing alarmed everyone around her.

You or someone you know's got a story too, we know it. Send it our way:
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Majestic Diner

1031 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA