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Will Kevin Gillespie Open a Barbecue Restaurant?

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It looks like Kevin Gillespie might just be looking to open a barbecue joint. Local blogger BBQ Geek started a petition to "revive Kevin Gillespie's BBQ restaurant," and Gillespie responded on Twitter: "Terminus City Barbecue is still very much in the works. Initiated the search for space again last week." Terminus, of course, being Atlanta's original name.

A business called Terminus City Barbecue LLC apparently exists. And in June 2010, the AJC ran a piece saying, "Top Chef finalist Kevin Gillespie still plans to open a barbecue joint in Atlanta, but plans are on hold for the moment." [More here and here.] That same month, Gillespie's then-restaurant Woodfire Grill posted a Facebook note mentioning Gillespie's "personal Terminus City barbecue recipe." Is a revival truly happening? Gillespie's Glenwood Park restaurant, Gunshow, just opened in May, but if he says he's looking for a location for a barbecue spot, we believe him. Stay tuned for more information, and do send any intel you may have through the tipline.

Here's the full petition, inspired by the whole hog barbecue picnic meal BBQ Geek picked up from Gunshow earlier this month:

We the BBQ consumers of Atlanta do hereby call upon Kevin Gillespie and his magical beard to commence forthwith offering whole hog BBQ either at his current establishment (Gunshow) or at a yet to be named barbecue restaurant in a location of his choosing within the city of Atlanta or its recognized suburban counties. The whole hog barbecue should be prepared and presented in the fashion commonly recognized as East North Carolina barbecue. Only one sauce should be offered and it should conform to the same North Carolina standard in the that the primary ingredients of said sauce should be vinegar and pepper flakes. Side dishes will be left to Kevin's discretion, but our preference would be to use fresh ingredients and to specifically exclude any and all foodstuffs that are contained or stored in sealed metal cans. If Kevin elects to add whole hog barbecue to the ever changing menu at his current establishment (Gunshow), we respectfully request at a least a week's notice so that schedules can be rearranged and babysitting services can be obtained.

If Kevin agrees to the terms set out in this petition, we the undersigned agree to bestow the title of Lord of Lardcore and Prince of Pork upon him. The hallowed grounds on which Kevin cooks and serves the whole hog barbecue shall be referred to forevermore as the Kingdom of SowBelly.

All this we do solemnly request. Please harken our call, Kevin, and bring to bear all the mighty power of your porcine tattoo and fearsome beard to deliver to Atlanta proper whole hog barbecue.

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