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Photos from the 2013 Attack of the Killer Tomato Fest

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Hector Santiago in the dunk tank
Hector Santiago in the dunk tank

[Photos: Sarah Dodge]

Sunday afternoon's fifth annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival was by all accounts a pretty big success. Put on by Ford Fry and his team at JCT Kitchen and the surrounding Westside Provisions District, the festival has been designated by many as the best food event held in the city, and not just because it offers free parking. It also boasts 42 chefs and 14 mixologists, each paired with a local farmer to show off a drink or dish, and proceeds benefit local non-profit Georgia Organics.
This year, the rain, incredibly, held off, and 1,300 people attended the event. They each voted for their favorite items, and when tickets were tallied, Chris Hall of Local Three's "Caprese" ice cream made with tomatoes from Riverview Farms and Eduardo Guzman of JCT and the Optimist's Farmer's Revenge cocktail made with heirloom tomatoes from Dillwood Farms (as well as gin, raspberries, basil, dill, lemon, and black pepper) won fan favorites. The judges' winners were Cardamom Hill's Asha Gomez and Miller Union's Stuart White. Gomez made stuffed cherry tomatoes from Watsonia Farms on tomato rice and White made an Heirloom Reviver cocktail with tequila, tomato water from Love is Love Farm, Thai basil, cilantro, lime, and agave. Below, more pictures and a video of one Bruce Logue of BoccaLupo in the AKTF dunk tank.

[Photos: Sarah Dodge]

Bruce Logue of BoccaLupo in the dunk tank.

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