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Gelato Wire

eater0813_caffegio.jpgLooks like Morelli's is definitely not involved in Caffe Gio, the gelateria from Antico/Gio's Chicken owner Giovanni Di Palma. Last night, Morelli's tweeted: "A friendly reminder, we make ice cream and not gelato [...] Thanks!" Early plans stated that the ice cream shop was partnering with Di Palma, but his restaurants have started serving gelati that isn't made by Morelli's. Got intel? Here's the tipline. [EaterWire]
Update: Di Palma gave the AJC a statement: "With the tremendous demand for volume of gelato at Caffé Gio, we decided to import our gelati from an award-winning gelateria in Bologna, Italy.

Caffè Gio

1099 Hemphill Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 404-347-3874