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Best Bagels; Kula Project; Dahlonega Wine Trail

Chicken and the Egg.
Chicken and the Egg.
James Camp

BEST BAGELS Over at Epicurious, ten food writers share their favorite bagel shops. The AJC's John Kessler recommends BB's Bagels in Alpharetta and adds that the olive-pimento schmear is worth a try. [Epicurious]

CHARITY WIRE— On Thursday, August 22, nine Atlanta restaurants will donate 20% of sales to Kula Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping farmers in developing countries. Participating restaurants are the Optimist, Table & Main, Chicken and the Egg, King + Duke, Farm Burger Dunwoody, Little Alley Steak, the Salt Factory Pub, Iberian Pig, Double Zero, Sugo, and Opulent. Get more information here. [Kula Project]

DAHLONEGA— This weekend, there's a $25 "passport" for the Dahlonega Wine Trail. The price include tastings from each of five wineries; get all the details right here. [Dahlonega]