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New Hotel; Scottish-Style Estate; Cap The Connector!

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

DOWNTOWN— A hotel is being planned for one of downtown Atlanta's many canker-sore parking lots (see above), this one near the Georgia Aquarium. We still mourn the tower once planned for this site that never happened.

BUCKHEADThis is "Rossdhu," a 12,700 square-foot, brick-built wonderland that's about as Old World as Atlanta gets. The ask is $7.95 million, but that's down from $10.9 million just two years ago.

DECATUR— Are these home listings evidence that the Decatur area is losing its prized affordability? Should Decaturites gasp, or applaud?

CITYWIDE— We want to cover The Downtown Connector with a park. Here's a quick look at other cities who have succeeded.