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Should Atlanta Restaurants Do Away With Tipping?

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Restaurants across the country are considering raising menu prices or adding a fixed service fee and dropping the concept of tipping. Here in Atlanta, Drafting Table Pub owner Doug Taylor thinks it depends on the restaurant: "I think for higher-end restaurants, it's a good idea. For middle to lower-end establishments, I don't think it will work as well." Local restaurateur Taka Moriuchi, of Taka, weighs in on Twitter: "Tipping system can make low our labor cost. I like it but pay additional cost on the bill is not good idea. Tip is almost only this country."

So now we turn to you, Eater readers: What do you think about doing away with tipping? Should Atlanta restaurants do it? Should they keep the system the same? Leave your comments below or shoot us a message through the tipline.
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