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Reviews for Swan Coach House and Yum Bunz

Yum Bunz.
Yum Bunz.
Photo: Sarah Dodge

Behind the paywall at the AJC, Jenny Turknett revisits Atlanta classic Swan Coach House. She warns that guests must have the proper framework to enjoy the fare at the restaurant, which is reminiscent of menus served at church potlucks or offered up in Junior League cookbooks. "In the past 47 years, the menu has been revised only twice, with all the original items remaining untouched," Turknett says, adding, "While this brand of cooking may not be representative of all Southern cuisine ... it celebrates a sliver of our culinary history."

Turknett advises readers to try the tea service with the Swan's Favorite, an array of dishes like chicken salad, cheese straws, and frozen fruit salad. She also recommends the crab cakes, the fried green tomatoes, and the French silk swan dessert. Her review ends:

You don't have to be Atlanta-born and raised to enjoy the Swan Coach House experience (although it doesn't hurt). What you need is an understanding of context and a knowledge that food is more than the assembled ingredients set before you. Let's honor this piece of our Southern heritage. It's tradition, y'all.

Over at Creative Loafing, Jennifer Zyman takes a first look at Yum Bunz. She says that the space has a "food court feel" and is ambivalent on the food:

Is Yum Bunz the next great dim sum restaurant in Atlanta? Absolutely not. Does it provide a passable version of Asian food in our ethnic-starved ITP? Yes. The restaurant gets you in and out quickly without any intimidation or a high price point. Go to Yum Bunz on your way to a movie at Atlantic Station or for a quick Westside lunch when a trip to Buford Highway is out of the question. After all, when you're hungry and the food court is convenient, even Panda Express will do in a pinch.
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Yum Bunz

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