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Fred's Meat & Bread, the Little Tart Bakeshop, and Gu's Dumplings Coming to Krog Street Market

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Krog Street Market.
Krog Street Market.
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Three new tenants are officially coming to Krog Street Market: Gu's Dumplings, the Little Tart Bakeshop, and Fred's Meat & Bread, a project from the General Muir partners, will open in the Inman Park market next year. They'll join Ford Fry's "Mex-Tex" taqueria Superica, Eli Kirshtein's American-style brasserie The Luminary, the Spotted Trotter, Pannus Bakery, and Grand Champion BBQ.

Gu's Dumplings will open from the team behind Buford Highway's popular Gu's Bistro. It'll serve dumplings and noodles as well as a few starters and other dishes like the spicy dry eggplant. Unlike at the bistro, which serves all pork dumplings, there will be vegetarian and other meat options available in Krog Street Market. The owners say that they're making the move into town because they listened to their customers. "A lot of our customers who travel from in town to Buford Highway say there are no authentic Chinese restaurants in town and that we should open one," says Yvonne Gu Khan. "At first, we were just going to sell dumplings, but they said, no you have to have these other dishes as well." The restaurant will not have its own seating, but the market's common areas will have tables and chairs for guests to utilize. On Twitter: @GusDumplings

And the Little Tart Bakeshop, the popular bakery housed in the same space as Octane at the Jane in Grant Park, is opening an outpost. Says owner Sarah O'Brien, "I live in Cabbagetown, so I was interested in Krog Street from the beginning. And then I started to hear murmurings of who else was going into the market, and I really wanted to be with those chefs and artisans." She's excited to be neighbors with businesses like the Spotted Trotter, whose meats she uses in dishes like her scones. "[Krog Street Market] feels familiar to me because I started in farmers markets, and that's an atmosphere that I've always loved." As for the menu, Little Tart will have "a similar menu to what you'd find on our market table at the Grant Park or Peachtree Road farmers markets," a menu with an emphasis on things patrons can pick up and take with them to eat on their way to work. O'Brien will offer house-made sodas alongside the pastries, like croissants, fruit galettes, scones, and creme fraiche quiche, made with local and seasonal ingredients. On Twitter: @TheLittleTart

The team behind the General Muir— Ben and Jennifer Johnson, Shelley Sweet, and chef Todd Ginsberg— are opening a 600 square foot market stall in Krog Street Market. Called Fred's Meat & Bread, the counter will serve burgers, fries, and classic sandwiches like cheesesteaks, banh mi, po' boys, and hot dogs. The General Muir opened early this year, and since the Emory Point Jewish deli concept is still relatively new, the partners weren't actively looking to open another restaurant. Co-owner Ben Johnson explains that being a part of Krog Street's market, a collection of restaurant stalls and counters with community seating in the middle, "is a great way to do something a little more streamlined, something we knew we could take on and do well." He adds, "Krog Street is such a cool concept, and even more than that, the quality of the different tenants is really pretty amazing. It was something we wanted to be a part of." He expects that Fred's Meat & Bread will be open before the end of March. On Twitter: @fredsmeatbread

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