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Did Waffle House Help the Braves Clinch the Division?

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The Atlanta Braves clinched the NL East yesterday afternoon after a win from the Marlins over the second-place Washington Nationals. The Atlanta baseball team has played extraordinarily well this year, thanks to a lot of talent and a few long hitting sprees— like the 14-game win streak that started the same day the Waffle House opened in Turner Field.

That Waffle House is the very first non-24 hour location and the first stadium location, and it's gained notoriety, even garnering a SportsCenter mention, since it started serving in late July. In fact, many Braves fans say the restaurant's presence helped the team make it this far— especially since Atlanta won the division for the first time since 2005 this year. Here, now, a round up of WaHo-crediting tweets about the clinch. Feel free to tweet us your favorites, too.

And here's one from a Mets fan.

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