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Soon There Will Be a Book About Clermont Lounge

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This Christmas, get everyone on your list the Clermont Lounge book. The coffee table book was announced yesterday over at the Bitter Southerner and more details will be released next Tuesday on the site. For now, check out the TBS blurb:

Dana Seith looks completely normal. If you saw her step out of a minivan, you would not be surprised. If you met her at a party, you'd think to yourself, "What a nice woman!" You would not think to yourself, "She looks like she's spent a long, long time at the Clermont Lounge." But actually, all of those statements are true. For the last three years, Seith has had unlimited access inside Atlanta's most legendary strip club, and this Christmas, you'll see the book that is emerging from her research: "No Cameras." Next week, we bring you Seith's memoir of her nights (and days) with the ladies of the Lounge. And despite the title of her book, we'll have the pictures, too.
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Clermont Hotel and Lounge signs. [Photo: Bobby Kircher]

Clermont Lounge

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