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Angry Chef Ron Eyester on the 'Dos and Don'ts' of Dining

Photo: Alex Lassiter

Angry chef Ron Eyester talks to HLN about, of course, being the angry chef. The Rosebud/Timone's/The Family Dog owner is known for his opinions— and expressing them on Twitter— and now, he outlines his feelings toward certain diner behaviors. Here he is on reservations:

There's this crazy thing -- it's called a telephone. Everyone in your party is going to have a smartphone, so look up the restaurant and call and make a reservation. [...] People come in here with an 8 o'clock reservation, and if they're not seated by 8:01… I mean again, if we lost our minds every time an airplane was one minute late, we would not be a society at that point. "I'm going to tell the captain: What's going on? This flight was at 8:47 -- it's 8:49 and we're still on the tarmac!"
Head this way for Eyester's thoughts on dining with children, splitting checks, and tipping appropriately.
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