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Three Stars for Ten-Year-Old Haven and Kimball House

This week, Jenny Turknett revists Haven and awards the Brookhaven restaurant three stars. Behind the paywall, the critic says that Haven, now ten years old, is one of those restaurants "that have maintained both their quality and original appeal while keeping current." She recommends the burger, which comes with a glass of wine or beer on Tuesdays for $15, as well as the quail, pork croquette, and bacon-wrapped trout and ends the review with this:

So many restaurants try to be everything for everybody and end up stretching themselves too thin. Not Haven. It knows the community and has successfully tailored itself accordingly. This is one restaurant that I'll keep in my back pocket.

For Atlanta Magazine, Bill Addison gives Decatur's Kimball House three stars. He speaks to the ambiance of the restaurant, which is situated in the historic Decatur depot, the "astonishing sense of unity" among the owners and team, the cocktails, and the food, from the raw bar program featuring "the city's finest selection of oysters" to the beef tartare, charcuterie, and $45 steak dinner. Addison ends thusly: "I respect a restaurant that conjures the past but also manages to feel very much a part of its time."

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Kimball House

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