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Learn More about the Waffle House Food Truck, Used for Disaster Relief and Catering

Waffle House has a food truck that it uses for disaster relief and catering. The truck has been around for a while, and now David Ford of Food Trucks South, who designed the WaHo vehicle, talks about what it's used for and how it came to be.

Says Ford, "It's like a full on restaurant inside with a full grill and waffle irons. The menu will be something fairly close to normal stores." He adds that the truck is used in weather emergencies:

It's really a service, believe it or not, because it gives the media and locals a place to eat. They're there early with the Red Cross. They're doing it to make money, of course, but they're also doing it to give back to communities hit by tornadoes or hurricanes. [...] The Waffle House logo is on the roof of the truck, too, so when helicopters are flying over the disaster with news media, they will see the truck feeding people.
Read more at Atlanta Magazine.
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