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Details on Big Sky Buckhead and Hector Santiago's Menu

Recently, Atlanta chef Hector Santiago announced that he'd be involved in forthcoming restaurant Big Sky Buckhead and that he'd be bringing back the fare from his much-loved, now-closed eatery Super Pan. The restaurant is set to open in late January or early February and will be helmed by former Super Pan chef Pedro Matos. Santiago, who will remain executive chef of Anne Quatrano's Abattoir in West Midtown, spoke to Atlanta Mag about the new spot. Below, seven facts from the piece.

1) The Beginning: The Big Sky founders used to eat at Super Pan and approached Santiago about joining the team "to attract more people for lunch." Super Pan alum Matos will run the day-to-day in the kitchen.

2) The Concept: The two-story space will have multiple patios and big TVs. It's "a very communal type place for a younger clientele" with glass opening up to the Buckhead skyline and a Montana-type feel. Expect to see lively nightlife.

3) The Food: Santiago tells Atlanta that the food will be flavorful, cultural, and Latin-inspired. "It's a version of Super Pan," including variations on the most popular dishes from the sandwich shop and Pura Vida. There will be pork belly buns, sandwiches, rice-and-bean or vegetable bowls, and more. Also: weekend brunch. Says Santiago, "We're not trying to make it a Latin place, but it will have those flavors."

4) The Timing: The restaurant will be open for weekday counter-service lunch, weekend brunch, and sit-down dinner. The menu will be full of dishes that are "fast [and] easy to eat."

5) The Bar News: The restaurant will have a full bar with craft beer and, eventually, craft cocktails.

6) The Price Point: Menu items will run from $6 for coconut buns to the $20 range for dinner specials. In the $4-$12 range: rice and bean plates, nachos, chicken wings, chicken fingers, black bean hummus and other spreads, etc.

7) Future Burritos: Santiago is on the look out for a space for a concept he's tentatively calling H. Santiago Burritos he hopes will morph into "a full-fledged Latin restaurant."
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