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Chef Todd Ginsberg Dishes on What to Expect at Yalla

The Middle Eastern stall is opening soon inside Krog Street Market.

The General Muir chef/partner Todd Ginsberg recently chatted with Creative Loafing about what diners will see at Yalla, his team's forthcoming Krog Street Market stall. The concept focuses on Middle Eastern cuisine, and will accompany a sister concept, Fred's Meat and Bread, which will offer burgers and sandwiches.

Among other topics, Ginsberg detailed some of the projected menu items:

Yalla will be lunch and dinner, maybe a breakfast option or two like shakshuka on the weekends. Shawarma, falafel, sabich, hummus, all kinds of salads. The menu won't change often, but it will follow seasons and what's available. In the middle of winter, we won't be featuring tomatoes. I'm going to treat the salads the way we do some of the small plates at the General Muir — all about the vegetables, fresh, light.

We'll be making fresh pita and laffa every day, but my trip to Israel also reinforced how important the condiments are - we hope to have 15 things you can choose from to go with the falafel or the sabich, like tahini and pickled cabbage and roasted cauliflower and Israeli pickles. I want people to crave what we do. And I don't want to make it if I can't make the best falafel — just like we do with the burgers, the fried chicken, the pastrami at the General Muir.

The General Muir had been doing weekly previews of Yalla and Fred's Meat and Bread, but those have ended. Twitter accounts for both point out that it must mean they are opening soon.