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The Highlander, Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Welcome back to Eater Scenes, in which Eater photographer Matthew Wong visits local establishments to capture them at a certain, specific point in time. Today, in honor of Cocktail Week, dive bar The Highlander.

What's not to love about a dive bar? Sure, they're often smoky, don't offer inventive cocktails or the widest beer selections, and one's shoes are usually sticky after leaving, but isn't all that sort of comforting? At a good dive, there are two important guarantees: the beer will be cold, and if you want, you'll probably be left alone. Ah, solitude.

The Highlander is one of Atlanta's best examples of a dive, shifting from easy-going watering hole on weekday evenings to metal-friendly venue on the weekend. Those who are looking for glitz and glam are advised to stay away. But anyone who wants their beverages to come with exactly no frills would be advised to pay The Highlander a visit.

The Highlander

931 Monroe Drive Northeast, , GA 30308 (404) 872-0060 Visit Website