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Take a Look Inside Old 4th Distillery

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The distillery is focusing on small-batch vodka and gin.

Old 4th Distillery will soon be providing craft vodka to Atlanta bars and liquor stores. The team is making the spirit with local Dixie Crystal sugar, and plans to begin distilling gin in roughly a year. Back in May, co-owner Jeff Moore explained O4D's philosophy in a conversation with Eater Atlanta.

"We're trying to really stay away from any GMO products altogether," Moore said. "... And that's not really a selling point for us; it's just for our own personal feelings about what's going on in the world of agriculture. We're really trying to stay as clean in, clean out as we possibly can."

If O4D decides to produce a whiskey, it will take some time before that hits the market. An aged bourbon takes years, and Moore doesn't want to make an un-aged white whiskey.

"For us, we just really don't want to do that. We want to produce a bourbon, a whiskey, inside the city that is properly aged, properly manufactured. ... I mean, it could be damn near 10 years before we launch a properly aged brown spirit."

O4D will soon offer tours and tastings. Here now, take a look inside the distillery.

[All photos: Matthew Wong/Eater Atlanta]

Old 4th Distillery

487 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312 (844) 653-3687