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Sandwiches Galore at Fred's Meat & Bread; Middle Eastern Fare at Yalla

Check out the menus for the forthcoming Krog Street Market ventures from The General Muir team.

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Chef Todd Ginsberg and the team behind The General Muir will soon open two new stalls inside Krog Street Market: Yalla and Fred's Meat & Bread. The former will offer Middle Eastern cuisine, and the latter is set to feature an assortment of burgers, sandwiches, and fries.

The concept at Yalla and how to describe it — it's been called both "Middle Eastern" and "Israeli" — has been the subject of some controversy and backlash. Ginsberg says it's a little more complicated than one or two words.

"With Yalla, we want to bring people together over great food. Our menu is derived from traditional regional cuisine in the Middle East. The most accurate might be to call it food of the Levant, which is the eastern Mediterranean that includes the areas around Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and perhaps parts of Turkey and Egypt. A 'Levantine' restaurant would not mean anything to most anybody here, though, so we are just calling it ‘Middle Eastern.'"

Below, take a look at planned menus and renderings for both Yalla and Fred's Meat & Bread.

Yalla Menu

Fred's Meat & Bread Menu


Fred's Meat & Bread