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Is Sean Brock Considering a Ponce City Market Venture?

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That's the word on the street.

Sean Brock.
Sean Brock.
Daniel Krieger

Sean Brock, the 2010 James Beard Award winner for Best Chef: Southeast, is looking into a possible concept at Ponce City Market, according to multiple tipsters in the know. The Charleston-based chef was recently in town to check out the space.

Other than the visit, little is known about Brock's potential plans, or how likely they are to materialize. However, those with knowledge on the subject seem to think it's an iffy prospect.

UPDATE: The rumors are true. Brock is opening a Ponce City Market restaurant.

Brock is the man behind McCrady's and Husk in Charleston, and a second Husk outpost in Nashville. His newest taco-centric concept, Minero, opened in Charleston over the weekend, and his first cookbook, Heritage, comes out later this month. Brock's restaurant conglomerate, The Neighborhood Dining Group, includes one Atlanta-area establishment: Chicago's Steaks and Seafood in Roswell.

PR for neither The Neighborhood Dining Group nor Ponce City Market responded to emails seeking comment. If Brock does indeed open up shop at the Old Fourth Ward Development, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's John Kessler will turn out to be quite the prophet.

PCM's lineup currently includes projects from local chefs/restaurateurs Linton Hopkins, Anne Quatrano, and Hector Santiago, among others.

Have info on Brock's possible Ponce City Market venture, or anything else regarding the development? Contact us via the tipline.