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Take a Look Inside Sister Louisa's Church, Soon to be the Weirdest Bar in Athens

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Church is opening soon in the Classic City.

Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium opened on Edgewood Avenue in 2010, sparking revitalization in a then-seedy part of Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. Now, owner Grant Henry (aka Sister Louisa) is taking his religious kitsch to Athens.

For those who have been to the original, walking in the front door of the new Church outpost will feel awfully familiar. The walls are adorned with a plethora of art that is sure to anger some and make others point and cackle. Have a sense of humor when it comes to Christianity, or this place won't be for you.

All the necessary licensing is acquired, but Church Athens won't begin pouring for "at least another week." Henry is making a few last-minute changes, including some new tile and paint, to appease the local health inspector. In the meantime, get a good look at Sister Louisa's newest place of worship with our gallery above.