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Gato Arigato Is Dead; a New Gato Pop-Up Is Coming

Changes afoot at Gato.

Gato Arigato, the ramen pop-up from chef Allen Suh at Candler Park's Gato, held its last service two weeks ago, according to fellow popper-upper Jarrett Stieber. Suh is working on a new project, though details are scarce thus far.

While Arigato is no more, Stieber says a new pop-up for Monday and Tuesday nights is coming to the restaurant. It will "feature a very specific style of food and be very casual," but is still in the developmental change, so there's no word yet on a possible concept or any other potential collaborators.

In other Stieber news, his Eat Me Speak Me pop-up, which is currently running at Gato Bizco and offers "fine foods in unorthodox locations," is moving from Sunday and Monday nights to Friday through Sunday beginning October 24. Stieber believes "the family-oriented neighborhood may benefit from having non-school/week night options." His speakeasy will continue on Sunday nights.

And in other Gato news, the breakfast and lunch operation will add two days of service per week and begin running Tuesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


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