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The Wahoo! Grill Team Is Opening a Wine Shop

The shop is expected to open soon.

Wahoo! Grill/Facebook

In an emerging trend, another Decatur restaurant is opening an adjacent wine shop. Wahoo! Grill is launching Wahoo! Wine & Provisions this winter.

It's the latest venture from Wahoo! Grill's Pamela Ledbetter and Ski Peterson. The neighborhood retailer will feature a variety of wine, meats and cheeses, gifts, local produce, and flower,s as well as tastings and special events. Wahoo! Wine & Provisions is located right next to Wahoo! Grill at 1036 West College Avenue.

Wahoo A Decatur Grill

1042 W College Ave, Decatur, GA 30030 (404) 373-3331 Visit Website