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New Milk: Coca-Cola Is Moving Into the Dairy Market

Coke's souped-up milk product, Fairlife, will be available soon.


Sugary soft drinks are catching heat from the health conscious these days, so Atlanta-based beverage giant Coca-Cola is trying to add a healthier option to its product line. Fairlife, a supercharged version of milk, is expected to be released next month, per The Independent.

So what is supercharged milk, exactly? A Coke spokesperson (Cokesperson?) told The Independent it's an "innovative ultra-filtered milk that... offers consumers a dairy option that is sourced from sustainable family farms and provides strong market potential to redefine the category." The product includes 50 percent more "natural" protein and calcium than regular milk, and it has 30 percent less sugar.  Of course, with a premium product comes a premium price.

"It's basically the premiumisation of milk," Coca-Cola North American chief Sandy Douglas said at a conference last week. "We'll charge twice as much for it as the milk we're used to buying in a jug."

If the idea of drinking milk made by Coca-Cola is confusing, don't worry. Based on their facial expressions, some of the women featured in the current ad campaign appear to be confused as well.

Fairlife ad