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Get Your Late-Night Pork Belly Bun Fix at Makan

The Decatur restaurant is keeping the kitchen open till the wee hours.

Andrew Thomas Lee

In an effort to satisfy those night owls who might need something solid in their stomachs, Makan is launching a late-night service. The Decatur pan-Asian restaurant will offer from the new menu on Friday and Saturday night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., beginning this weekend.

The menu focuses on the kind of spicy Asian cuisine one might crave after a few drinks at 1 a.m. Look for dishes such as Korean-style ramyun, pork belly buns, wontons, and Korean fried chicken. Most items are priced at $10 or less.

"So many people, including myself and others in the service industry, crave Asian food late at night, but don't want to trek OTP to get good, quality food," chef/co-owner George Yu said in a prepared statement. "So we're hoping to be that alternative for everyone."

To debut the new menu, Makan is hosting a launch party this weekend, offering free menu items with the purchase of beverages Friday and Saturday night. Additional drink specials will be available, including somak, the Korean Soju-Hite Beer cocktail.

Take a look at the full late-night menu below.

Makan late-night menu

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