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Curbed Cup '14; T-SPLOST 2.0; Nicknamed Krogers

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

Last year's results, determined by reader votes

CITYWIDE — For the last three years, Curbed readers have chosen the Atlanta neighborhood of the year, granting it the prestigious Curbed Cup trophy. The time to nominate your favorite 'hood of 2014 is right now.

KIRKWOOD This overhauled and blown-out 1930 bungalow in Kirkwood has seen more chops than a Braves' rally. Now it's back on the market, for $80,000 cheaper.

CITYWIDE — Atlanta's mayor has hinted that another T-SPLOST-style referendum could gain steam in 2015, and voters in this highly scientific poll seem to think that's a very good idea.

KROGERLAND — Curbed has taken on the painstaking (and mildly controversial) task of mapping out Atlanta's best-known Krogers with nicknames. Don't shoot the messenger.