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Midtown Spitballs; Potential Bieber Abodes; Parking Wins

Approximate location of Midtown's latest proposed towers. Base image: 12&

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Atlanta.

MIDTOWN— Roughly 400 stories of new residential, office, hotel and retail space have been proposed in Midtown in the last few months, promising a true vertical jolt to the skyline. If these spitballs-on-the-wall projects actually come to fruition, that is.

BUCKHEAD— We've all heard that Justin Bieber is ATL-bound, possibly for a long time. Gulp. These are six Buckhead homes that would appear to meet his parameters.

DOWNTOWNThese fresh renderings for the Atlanta Falcons stadium show a parking-to-greenspace ratio from above. Spoiler: Parking wins.