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Low Country Boil at Common Quarter; Hangover Cures

Common Quarter.
Common Quarter.
Photo: Christopher Watkins

EAST COBB— Marietta restaurant Common Quarter launches its Monday low country shrimp boil today. 40 reservations will be available each Monday, and the three-course menu costs $19.75 plus tax and gratuity. [EaterWire]

CHEF SHUFFLESScott Warren is the new executive chef at Vinings restaurant SOHO. He's been the sous chef for three years and replaced previous exec chef Joe Ahn. Warren has also worked at Corner Bakery Cafe and Wahoo! Grill. [EaterWire]

LISTICLES— Thrillist made up a holiday called National Hangover and celebrated it by rounding up some of the city's best hangover cures. If you're so inclined, there's more on hangovers here. [EaterWire]

Common Quarter

1205 Johnson Ferry Dr., Marietta, GA Visit Website