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Go-To Guide: Pizza Week Edition

Pizza Week at Eater brings a special Go-To Guide, pizza style. We asked our Go-To chef and bartender friends where they like to partake of a slice of pie, and drummed up some classics both intown and OTP. Leaving no pizza stone unturned, we also got the details on what they order, from simple pies gussied up at home to the more esoteric—pistachios and onions, anyone? So, behold, where you can find a good pizzeria and perhaps run into industry heavy hitters like Greg Best and Anne Quatrano at the same time.

Angus Brown:
My favorite pizza in town is the Margherita D.O.P. from Antico. I love the lightness of the crust. The Margherita is a great way to judge a pizzeria, and theirs is flawless.

Arianne Fielder:
I love Marietta Pizza Company. My regular order is their white pizza with roasted garlic and a meatball calzone with extra ricotta.

Other favorites: Ammazza on Edgewood— they have a white pizza with roasted artichokes called a Contadino that is to die for. The atmosphere is killer, also, with the back seating room and bar. Also love Varasano's in Buckhead. The dough is delicious and they have a fun cocktail menu using unique, fresh ingredients.

Steven Satterfield:
Pizza is a tough one. There are so many options in Atlanta. Sometimes it just comes down to convenience or habit. I live in Inman Park, so I can walk to the tried and true Fritti from Riccardo Ullio. They have a great patio, and I usually order the Regina Margherita with San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. It's a classic. I'll embellish with an arugula salad and a manzo spiedini (the hanger steak, marinated and grilled on a skewer). It's a great meal, and the pizza is always hot and fresh. Ask for the secret chili oil from the kitchen to put on your pizza— it's really spicy and adds a great kick.

Mihoko Obunai:
Since I spent the 90s and early 2000s in New York City, I am picky about good pizza and love NYC-style. If I have a mood for a good pizza and extra time to drive, I go to Antico and order the Napoletana [broccoli rabe, Italian sausage, buffalo mozzarella]. Their BYOB is plus.

If I have a mood for good pizza and to stay in my neighborhood (Decatur), I go to No. 246 and order a Margherita. Chef Drew does a good job.

Greg Best:
Where: Argosy in East Atlanta.
Type: Whatever Chef Will is playing around with.

Todd Ginsberg:
At Ammazza, I order the Caesar and always eat it with the Margherita. At Antico, [I] always get the San Gennaro [Italian sausage, sweet red peppers, cipolline onions, buffalo mozzarella].

Tyler Williams:
I'll probably get crushed for saying this, but I get a large meatball, sliced tomato, ricotta cheese, and pepperoni to go from Fellini's. It's open after work, and on the way home. I put salt, Parmesan, and arugula dressed in lemon juice and olive oil over [the] top when I get home. Then I have El Yucateco green hot sauce on every bite. It's chronic at 2 a.m.

Tiffanie Barriere:
Ahh! Vesuvius rules all. The pizza is the perfect size with the best, freshest ingredients. Mushrooms everywhere, and after hours it turns into Speakeasy. Just behind the bookshelf lies a fabulous array of craft cocktails and epic music— perfect layout for me. The tables are covered with white butcher paper and crayons so you're able to doodle away. I usually let the server choose my slice. Most of them are carnivorous, and that's what I love.

Anne Quatrano:
I love the pizza at Antico. I don't have a regular order, but like the Margherita plus Italian sausage and Calabrian peppers. Also, at Floataway Cafe, the Rosa with pistachios and onions.

Miles Macquarrie:
So, I know everyone will list Antico because it is the best; however, I wanted to mention my favorite place, which is Avellino's Pizza in Decatur (Oakhurst). The staff is really friendly and always gives good service, and their pizza is spot-on every time. It's also right down the street from my house. Also, not at all a pizza restaurant, but have you had the pizza at No. 246? It is amazing, just as good as the stuff coming out of the ovens at Antico, not to mention you have the rest of Drew Belline's fantastic menu.
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no. 246

129 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, , GA 30030 (678) 399-8246 Visit Website

Pizzeria Vesuvius

327 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312 404-343-4404

Floataway Cafe

1123 Zonolite Road Northeast, , GA 30306 (404) 892-1414 Visit Website


591 Edgewood Avenue Southeast, , GA 30312 (404) 835-2298 Visit Website

Varasano's Pizzeria

2171 Peachtree Road Northwest, , GA 30309 (404) 352-8216 Visit Website


309 North Highland Avenue Northeast, , GA 30307 (404) 880-9559 Visit Website